My opening statement before the House Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce.
Let’s start with the fact that vaccines will increase the global GDP by trillions of dollars.
Aside from political and economic differences, even the successes have been exaggerated.
Systemic problems and bad policy have exacerbated pandemic-related shipping delays.
Biden’s proposed vaccine mandate raises a host of serious legal, practical, and other issues that caution against its implementation.
Blackrock and rich boomers aren’t driving the current pricing boom.
What it says about our testing regime and the systemic regulatory problems that hinder it.
We have a hard time grasping big numbers. That’s really bad for public policy.
There are plenty of reasons why the United States should do more for refugees.
There are plenty of subsidies for renewable energy companies in the infrastructure bill that just passed the Senate.
We have plenty of evidence of what tariffs and unilateralism produce. Little of it is good.
New studies show how economic inequality in the United States is misreported—if not entirely wrong.